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The Universe & Physics Fine-tuning


Published on Apr 19, 2018


This video is about the unfathomably precise fine-tuning that is necessary for life to be possible. This fine-tuning is widely acknowledged by scientists and physicists from around the world.
Fred Hoyle (British astronomer): "A common sense interpretation of the facts suggests that a super-intellect has monkeyed with physics, as well as with chemistry and biology, and that there are no blind forces worth speaking about in nature. The numbers one calculates from the facts seem to me so overwhelming as to put this conclusion almost beyond question."
Arno Penzias (Nobel Prize in physics): "Astronomy leads us to a unique event, a universe which was created out of nothing, one with the very delicate balance needed to provide exactly the conditions required to permit life, and one which has an underlying, one might say, 'supernatural' plan."
Charles Townes (Nobel Prize winner, physicist): "Intelligent design, as one sees it from a scientific point of view, seems to be quite real. This is a very special universe - it's remarkable that it came out just this way. If the laws of physics weren't just the way they are, we couldn't be here at all. The sun couldn't be there, the laws of gravity and nuclear laws and magnetic theory, quantum mechanics, and so on, have to be just the way they are for us to be here."
Robert Jastrow (former theoretical physicist at NASA, chairman of NASA's Lunar Exploration Committee, and chief of NASA's Theoretical Division. Founding director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies): "Astronomers now find they have painted themselves into a corner because they have proven, by their own methods, that the world began abruptly in an act of creation... That there are what I or anyone would call supernatural forces at work is now, I think, a scientifically proven fact."
Freeman Dyson (theoretical physicist and mathematician): "The more I exam the universe and study the details of its architecture, the more evidence I find that the universe in some sense knew we were coming."
George Ellis (one of the world's leading cosmology theorists & winner of the 2004 Templeton Prize): "Amazing fine tuning occurs in the laws that make this (complexity) possible. Realization of the complexity of what is accomplished makes it very difficult not to use the word 'miraculous' without taking a stand as to the ontological status of the word."
Arthur Eddington (astrophysicist & mathematician): "The idea of a universal mind or Logos would be, I think, a fairly plausible inference from the present state of scientific theory."
Paul Davies (multiple award-winning physicist): "There is for me powerful evidence that there is something going on behind it all... It seems as though somebody has fine-tuned nature's numbers to make the Universe... The impression of design is overwhelming."
Michio Kaku (theoretical physicist): "It's shocking to find how many of the familiar constants of the universe lie within a very narrow band that makes life possible. If a single one of these accidents were altered, stars would never form, the universe would fly apart, DNA would not exist, life as we know it would be impossible, Earth would flip over or freeze, and so on."
Dr. Dennis Scania (director of Cambridge University Observatories): "If you change a little bit the laws of nature, or you change a little bit the constants of nature - like the charge on the electron - then the way the universe develops is so changed that it is very likely intelligent life would not have been able to develop."
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Creationists Make Scientific Predictions | David Rives

David Rives MinistriesPublished on Jan 11, 2017


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David Rives is the host of "Creation in the 21st Century" on TBN, singer/songwriter, and author of the book "Wonders Without Number". Browse through our YouTube channel to be educated, entertained, and inspired - and don't forget to subscribe for new videos. Why should you believe in creation, and not evolution? I mean, scientifically speaking. 

Haven’t we proven that evolution is a fact? Many people claim that creationists can’t be real scientists because we don’t make testable predictions. Well, that’s simply not true. Creationists start with the Biblical record which provides the framework for research and we can make testable predictions based off of that framework. Here’s a great example. Around each planet in our solar system is a magnetic field. Earth’s is pretty important, and allows us to see the beautiful Aurora Borealis and Australis. But our magnetic field is winding down. It’s not as strong now as it was in the past. Actually, estimates show that in just 20,000 years our magnetic field would disappear. There are theories on how you might extend that, but they aren’t scientifically testable at this point. Now, other planets have magnetic fields too. 

One scientist, Dr. Russell Humphreys, who is a renowned physicist, (and also a Bible-believer) developed a theory to try and explain the strength of our magnetic field, as well as that of our neighboring planets. But instead of assuming millions of years of history, he took the 6,000 years described in the Bible and made a testable prediction. Before we knew the strengths of the magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune, he modeled and predicted how strong their magnetic fields would be, based on 6,000 years of decay. When Voyager 2 travelled past these distant worlds and measured their magnetic fields… guess what? The evolutionary predictions based on a Big Bang timeframe were vastly off. 

However, it turned out that Dr. Humphrey’s research was nearly spot-on. Scientific validation of his prediction that he’d based on Biblical data. He had accurately predicted the magnetic fields of these planets before the space probes reached the planets. 

Magnetic fields simply don’t last billions of years and scientific evidence in our solar system seems to be readily dispelling old-Universe cosmology. Just one more scientific reason that you shouldn’t believe in evolutionary cosmology. It takes a LOT of faith. I’m David Rives, Truly, the Heavens Declare the Glory of God.

Answering an atheist 2019 01 30

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How the Second Law of Thermodynamics Demonstrates the Universe Had a Beg...

Cold-Case Christianity with J. Warner WallacePublished on Aug 13, 2018


In this clip from J. Warner Wallace’s longer talk on the existence of God from cosmological evidence (based on his book, God’s Crime Scene), J. Warner describes how the Second Law of Thermodynamics can help us make the case for God’s existence from cosmology.

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Islam vs Christianity (Greg Bahnsen)

Chris BoyerPublished on Sep 5, 2018


Islam vs Christianity (Greg Bahnsen) If you’re new to my channel, welcome! Here you will find videos exposing atheism, defending Christianity (apologetics), and promoting conservatism. Subscribe for weekly videos! Subscribe: Recommended videos: Atheist vs Christian Debate (Skylar Fiction and Chris Boyer): Defending Christianity - Check out These 5 Apologists (2018): Does God Exist? (Atheist vs Christian Debate 2018): Relativism Refutes Itself (Greg Bahnsen): Atheism Cannot Account for Moral Absolutes (Greg Bahnsen): Why Trump Will Win Again in 2020: Another Problem on Atheism: Induction (Greg Bahnsen): Ten Questions Christians Can’t Answer (Answered): Is the Atheist Prejudiced Against the Bible? (Greg Bahnsen): Is John MacArthur a False Teacher?: Subscribe for more videos:

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20190113 Sunday School Lesson

U3 Youth Sunday School Lesson

Sunday school lesson taught by Mr. Batman. Subject was worldviews and how they affect our actions and our words.

#GetCubed #U3Youth


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Let the Heavens Declare!

Northwest Creation NetworkPublished on Jul 11, 2018


Modern astronomy offers mankind a look at the cosmos never before seen. The size and beauty of astronomical bodies is a testimony to the magnificence that is our Father in heaven. This presentation aptly uses the scale of the cosmos to guide viewers to a better appreciation of the Glory of God as is revealed by the heavens. Drawing from images taken by space telescopes and spacecraft, we will tour the solar system, distant nebulae, and galaxies that testify of the creators power. Multimedia Presentation by Chris Ashcraft Apologetics Symposium Cedar Park Church, Bothell WA April 11th, 2018 About the Speaker: Chris Ashcraft is a Christian educator employed as high school science teacher at Cedar Park Christian Schools. Chris has also worked in plant biotechnology. He was a research technician at the Cotton Fiber Production Laboratory at Texas Tech University, then at the Plant Transformation Facility at Oklahoma State University, and lastly was the Plant Transformation Specialist for EDEN Bioscience in Bothell Washington. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in biology from Wayland Baptist University in 1989, a Master of Science in biology from Texas Tech University in 1996, a Master of Education from the University of Washington in 2008, and a Master is Teaching Math and Science from Seattle Pacific University in 2012. Chris moved from research science into the teaching profession to serve God in Christian education. His decision was motivated by the impact that secular science is having on people of faith. Today, close to 50% of Christian students lose their belief in God while attending secular schools. This tendency could be lessened if the Church was better equipped to defend the authority of Biblical teachings (1 Peter 3:15). To be prepared for these challenges, it is important that Churches provide regular educational programs on creation and other Bible apologetics. _________________________________________________________________ This seminar was recorded during our Apologetics Symposium at Cedar Park Church in Bothell Washington ( The NW Creation Network organizes numerous educational programs each year, which feature presentations by speakers, scientists, and authors who are dedicated to defending the Bible and the Christian worldview. These events are open to the public and free to attend. Northwest Creation Network Apologetics Symposium - monthly program with live webcast Seattle Creation Conference Learn more about how science supports the Bible at our CreationWiki: Encyclopedia of Creation Science. Like and follow us on Facebook



Messiah DebatesPublished on Jan 8, 2019


Filmed in the Godless debate server:

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Creation that Destroys Evolution - Stink Bug

Kent Hovind OFFICIALPublished on Jan 8, 2019


We believe that the focus should be on spreading the Gospel and have decided to remove all monetization from our YouTube channel. Please enjoy Dr. Kent Hovind’s awesome and inspiring Bible studies now Ad Free. Join the revival! The Lord is great. Come visit our Dinosaur Adventure Land in Lenox, AL. Now Open since April 21, 2018! 

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MrBATMAN Debates

Here's a brief list of some of my debates. Please be aware that because some people do not have a moral Foundation some of the language is a little harsh.

If you have any questions you'd like to submit or would like to have a debate please contact me at


Thonk ThonkPublished on Jan 2, 2019


MrBATMAN took on a confident communist in an evolution debate in the "THONK." discord server - MrBATMAN vs Nick_1019

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