Sunday, September 15, 2019

Christmas: The Hidden Truth Exposed

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Part 1 - Last Great Day and Resurrection
Should Christian's celebrate Christmas? What does God think about us celebrating this holiday? And what does this have to do with Jesus and prophecy?
This teaching will open your eyes to the truth of Christmas and what it means in end times!
*Restoring the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith!*
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Thursday, September 12, 2019

How do I witness to people who give Acts 10 as an excuse to eat pork? - ...

A Rood Awakening!Published on Feb 14, 2014

SUBSCRIBED 108K How do I witness to people who give Acts 10 as an excuse to eat pork? - Michael Rood answers the question, "How do I witness to people who give Acts 10 as an excuse to eat pork?" on the February 7, 2014 episode of Shabbat Night Live. Watch the full episode here: Visit our website: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Rood Store: Bring It To The World:

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Heaven and Earth, and the Law of God - 119 Ministries

119MinistriesPublished on Sep 28, 2018


Did the Law of God change after the cross? In Matthew 5:17-19, what does the passing of the first Heaven and first Earth have to do with fulfilling all of the Law and Prophets? What relationship do Heaven and Earth have with our receipt of God's law? How does Heaven and Earth relate to all prophecy being fulfilled? Was Yeshua referring to the passing of Heaven and Earth just to sound cool, or was there a purpose?

We review all of these questions and more in HEAVEN & EARTH AND THE LAW OF GOD. Follow the above link to partner with 119 Ministries and support ongoing free teaching production.

Please note that we will not be closely monitoring nor responding to comments on YouTube. If you would like to discuss this video with us, we invite you to join the discussion on the teaching page found on our website here: or reach us privately through the Contact Us form on our website: Thank you so much for your continued and prayerful support.

May YHWH bless you and keep you. Shalom

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Fossils on Mountaintops

Billions of fossilized animals, claimed to be 100 million years old, are found on mountaintops. How did the fossils manage to stay undisturbed while these mountains are being so rapidly destroyed by erosion?

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