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The Human Sacrifice That Nobody Wants To Talk About (Jephthah's Daughter)

Zachary Bauer
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The anti-missionaries will often claim that Yeshua is not valid as Messiah because God would NEVER allow a human sacrifice. Here are 3 examples of UN-REBUKED human sacrifice in your Bible.

Difficult Words of Paul - Part 11: Romans 14

As we conclude the book of Romans, we cover Paul's words in regards to food offered to idols. 

Was Paul condoning the eating of food offered to idols? 
Did Paul allow the eating of unclean foods? 
Did Paul allow the proclaiming of the Shabbat to occur on any day of the week we choose? 
And how are those that understand the weightier matters of Scripture to behave and act towards 
those of the faith that do not? 

Join us as we unpack some the most misunderstood and misapplied passages in Scripture. 

We hope this teaching is a blessing to you. 

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