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The Universe & Physics Fine-tuning


Published on Apr 19, 2018


This video is about the unfathomably precise fine-tuning that is necessary for life to be possible. This fine-tuning is widely acknowledged by scientists and physicists from around the world.
Fred Hoyle (British astronomer): "A common sense interpretation of the facts suggests that a super-intellect has monkeyed with physics, as well as with chemistry and biology, and that there are no blind forces worth speaking about in nature. The numbers one calculates from the facts seem to me so overwhelming as to put this conclusion almost beyond question."
Arno Penzias (Nobel Prize in physics): "Astronomy leads us to a unique event, a universe which was created out of nothing, one with the very delicate balance needed to provide exactly the conditions required to permit life, and one which has an underlying, one might say, 'supernatural' plan."
Charles Townes (Nobel Prize winner, physicist): "Intelligent design, as one sees it from a scientific point of view, seems to be quite real. This is a very special universe - it's remarkable that it came out just this way. If the laws of physics weren't just the way they are, we couldn't be here at all. The sun couldn't be there, the laws of gravity and nuclear laws and magnetic theory, quantum mechanics, and so on, have to be just the way they are for us to be here."
Robert Jastrow (former theoretical physicist at NASA, chairman of NASA's Lunar Exploration Committee, and chief of NASA's Theoretical Division. Founding director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies): "Astronomers now find they have painted themselves into a corner because they have proven, by their own methods, that the world began abruptly in an act of creation... That there are what I or anyone would call supernatural forces at work is now, I think, a scientifically proven fact."
Freeman Dyson (theoretical physicist and mathematician): "The more I exam the universe and study the details of its architecture, the more evidence I find that the universe in some sense knew we were coming."
George Ellis (one of the world's leading cosmology theorists & winner of the 2004 Templeton Prize): "Amazing fine tuning occurs in the laws that make this (complexity) possible. Realization of the complexity of what is accomplished makes it very difficult not to use the word 'miraculous' without taking a stand as to the ontological status of the word."
Arthur Eddington (astrophysicist & mathematician): "The idea of a universal mind or Logos would be, I think, a fairly plausible inference from the present state of scientific theory."
Paul Davies (multiple award-winning physicist): "There is for me powerful evidence that there is something going on behind it all... It seems as though somebody has fine-tuned nature's numbers to make the Universe... The impression of design is overwhelming."
Michio Kaku (theoretical physicist): "It's shocking to find how many of the familiar constants of the universe lie within a very narrow band that makes life possible. If a single one of these accidents were altered, stars would never form, the universe would fly apart, DNA would not exist, life as we know it would be impossible, Earth would flip over or freeze, and so on."
Dr. Dennis Scania (director of Cambridge University Observatories): "If you change a little bit the laws of nature, or you change a little bit the constants of nature - like the charge on the electron - then the way the universe develops is so changed that it is very likely intelligent life would not have been able to develop."
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