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Islam vs Christianity (Greg Bahnsen)

Chris BoyerPublished on Sep 5, 2018


Islam vs Christianity (Greg Bahnsen) If you’re new to my channel, welcome! Here you will find videos exposing atheism, defending Christianity (apologetics), and promoting conservatism. Subscribe for weekly videos! Subscribe: Recommended videos: Atheist vs Christian Debate (Skylar Fiction and Chris Boyer): Defending Christianity - Check out These 5 Apologists (2018): Does God Exist? (Atheist vs Christian Debate 2018): Relativism Refutes Itself (Greg Bahnsen): Atheism Cannot Account for Moral Absolutes (Greg Bahnsen): Why Trump Will Win Again in 2020: Another Problem on Atheism: Induction (Greg Bahnsen): Ten Questions Christians Can’t Answer (Answered): Is the Atheist Prejudiced Against the Bible? (Greg Bahnsen): Is John MacArthur a False Teacher?: Subscribe for more videos:


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