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Love and Torah

Love and Torah - Part 1

Messianic Torah Observant Israel

Torah, or “the Law” – what’s love got to do with it? Rabbi Steve Berkson begins this teaching series with that song reference in order to make a point that he is determined to reveal how the giving of the Torah by our Creator and our guarding and obedience to it absolutely is connected to love. In the past, we’ve probably understood love in a certain way, but in this teaching, Rabbi Berkson explores the different facets of love as spoken of in our scriptures.

How does the English translation of the Bible do us a disservice in using the word ‘love’?

How can we understand what is said in the New Testament?

Going first to Matthew chapter 22, Rabbi Berkson show us how Yeshua brought out the two main relationships, us and the Creator and us with each other, and then connects the present to the past with the two great commands.

Those who teach that the Law/Torah is done away with lack something that would allow them to carry out the two great commands – what is it?

This teaching series will be packed full of vital information that will help you in your spiritual growth as you walk toward the Kingdom of Elohim, becoming the kind of person that He wants to live with forever.


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