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The Mystery in the Hebrew Word 'Torah'

That word laws used here is Torah, giving us not only the idea that blessing comes through obedience to it, but that its essence existed even before Moses would be born and before the Torah would be given to Moses on the mountain of Elohim. 
The Hebrew letters for Torah are Tav Vav Reysh Hey.
Tav means to seal or to covenant and is a picture of crossed wooden sticks or a cross.
Vav means to join together or to bind together and is a picture of a wooden hook or peg or an iron nail. 
Reysh is a picture of the head and stands for the leader or the master or the prince. 
Hey means to behold or to pay attention to what follows and is a picture of a man looking up. 
This is the amazing mystery in the Hebrew word Torah that Elohim has given us. The letters tell us to behold the prince who is fastened to a wooden cross. The word Torah contains a picture of the Messiah who is to come, Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, and shows us that He will die on a cross. 


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