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Published on May 17, 2019

SUBSCRIBE: DONATE: Your support is greatly appreciated. PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: BLOG: PATREON: Before we move forward in history, we need to solidify our some of our understandings on the topic of Catholicism. From my viewpoint, I don’t believe that there is a strong enough distinction of the separation between Roman Catholicism and “The Way” what is mostly classified as Christianity. So we need to clearly understand the difference. Most people can identify that the Christian church is different from the Catholic Church, but the majority cannot articulate the why. So being that this is the History of Religion series I want to make sure that this understanding is made as clear as possible. This video will clearly explain what the Roman Catholic Church believes. No opinions, just a review of their doctrine compared to Scripture Link to Article on Catechism of the Catholic Church: Second Edition Learn more: To reach me directly you can email me at Please give me time to respond. Thank you greatly for watching and all of your support! May Elohim Bless You!


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