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Chemical Evolution

Published on Jul 19, 2013

Chapter 4 - from the documentary "A Question of Origins".

During the past century, much of the world has accepted the theory of Evolution as fact. Yet the molecules-to-man theory has no direct evidence to support it at all. Origins provides overwhelming evidence in favor of Creation.

The theory of Evolution has been applied to most scientific fields and this video thoroughly exposes the blind speculation and evolutionary bias in three of these areas of science including: Cosmology, Chemistry, and Biology.

This visually rich, full production reveals conclusive evidence that the universe and all life were created by a Supernatural Being, and that the God of the Bible is that Creator.

Features widely-traveled Creationist speaker, Roger Oakland, who makes the issues easy-to-understand for laypeople. Various scientific experts share evidence and proofs.

The DVD of A Question of Origins is multilingual, and contains translations in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Serbian, and Slovakian.

© Eternal Productions. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Used by permission granted to the Northwest Creation Network.

Eternal Productions

Download this video in other languages from the Northwest Creation Network site.

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