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The Earth's Magnetic Field Decays

The Earth has a magnetic field which is critically important to our lives. Scientists have been able to measure the decay, the weakening, the shrinking of the Earth's magnetic field for about 200 years. The Earth's magnetic field decays, weakens, shrinks by 50% every 1400 years. It means no life would exist on the Earth in only about 2000 years, because when the field goes down to zero, deadly radiation coming from the Sun would irradiate all life on the Earth. God created the Earth's magnetic field to protect us from this deadly radiation among other things. If we go back in time we have another problem. So, we are living in a very narrow band of time. God never intended the Earth to last for a long time once it became imperfect. The decay of the magnetic field of the Earth is one of the single strongest arguments for a young Earth. It limits the age of the Earth to less than 10000 years, but it is perfectly consistent with the creation 6000 years ago.


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