Thursday, February 22, 2018

Intro to the Creation Soapbox Presentation


Welcome to a new series about the Creation V. Evolution Debate! (aka "Dawn of Science". In the first installment, we discuss why it even matters. Then we sum up what will be coming in future installments. To catch up on previous series on related topics, check out our "Defining Evolution series" here: Or our Evolution 101 Series (Starring Rent-A-Friend 2000) here: Or read up a bit more in a humorous narrative starring Rent-A-Friend 2000 and his friends as they go out for Nachos every Thursday night and talk about science while waiting for their nachos. That series begins here: And check out our other regularly posted content on a wide variety of fun topics here: And thanks for watching!

Islam and the New Testament Dr. Daniel Wallace is the executive director of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts and an expert in New Testament Greek and textual criticism. In this short interview, Dr. Wallace explains that there is nothing in the New Testament manuscript tradition that supports the Islamic view of Jesus, and that Muslims who believe that Jesus didn't die on the cross, didn't rise from the dead, and didn't claim to be God must do so by blind faith, because the evidence completely contradicts their view.